You Can Homeschool

HomeLink is a faith-based online Christian Homeschool program that was established in 2003. It was designed to assist homeschooling families by providing core, elective, college credit classes to empower homeschooling families. Because we understand students learn at different rates and have varying interests, HomeLink Online offers classes that are `a la carte allowing you to choose the classes that fit your homeschool needs! Click here to read our Statement of Faith and scroll to the bottom of this page to read how our program works. 


Pamela Smith has directed the program for six years. As a veteran Homeschool mother, she has graduated two out of four of her children who are thriving in their careers and in college. In addition to Homeschooling, Mrs. Smith has a deep love for Christ and she received a vision from the Lord ten years ago to direct a Homeschool Program. She believes the Lord will use Homeschoolers to change the nation. Mrs. Smith is also a nurse who has owned a healthcare business for over 14 years. She truly enjoys empowering homeschooling families and she takes great pride in making sure HomeLink Online operates in excellence. For questions, concerns, or a personal consultation please email Mrs. Smith at  



Reginald Smith, B.A. Accounting & Business

High School Economics, Consumer Math 

Reginald Smith graduated with honors with a degree in Accounting and Business from Florida Atlantic University. He and his wife have homeschooled their four children for over a decade. In addition to teaching classes at HomeLink, Mr. Smith is the CFO of several companies. For over a decade, he has enjoyed teaching students, companies, and churches about economics and financial freedom.


James Sturgis, M.A. Engineering & Chemistry, Juris Doctor in Law

Chemistry, Physical Science, Pre-Calculus, Speech, Physics, Engineering, and High School Math

James Sturgis has four degrees from the University of Florida: Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Masters in Engineering, and Juris Doctor in Law. Prior to teaching, his professional career included transportation engineering, product liability attorney, and project manager on water resource and environmental restoration design and construction projects. James and his wife homeschooled their four children K-12 for over 20 years. James was active in supporting homeschoolers by leading a teenage speech club and as a board member for a local Homeschool organization. 


For the last eight years, James taught high school at a local Christian school. James wants to continue teaching part-time because of the joy of studying and teaching about God’s creation. James’ goal is to help students love learning: digging deep into how things work, thinking critically and creatively, and developing problem-solving skills. This is his second year teaching at HomeLink. 


Professor Nicole Allen, M.A. in English Literature, B.A. in Music Education

English Composition I & II College Credit Courses

High School English I & II

A former K-12 homeschool student, Mrs. Allen has been pursuing her passion for teaching since she was a teenager. She strongly believes in the benefits of an academically challenging, socially fulfilling, christ-centered homeschool experience. Mrs. Allen graduated with honors from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and graduated in 2017 from Florida Atlantic University with a Master of Arts in English Literature.

Mrs. Allen currently teaches English and History courses at PBAU as an adjunct professor. She works as a writing consultant for students, faculty, and community members at FAU and regularly mentors college and high school students. Mrs. Allen has maintained her private piano studio for 14 years and also serves as a piano, voice, and flute instructor at Creative Arts Academy in Lake Worth. She plays piano and volunteers at her church.


Raven Smith, Communications & Theater  Major

Acting/Drama Online 

Raven Smith has been homeschooled since third grade and enjoys working with Homeschooled students. She finished high school at the age of 16 and is currently in college studying communications & theatre. Raven has been the assistant Drama director for the last three years at Homeschool Theatre Company Productions. She looks forward to working with students online. 

Lori Watterson, B.A. in English Language & Literature

Elementary & Middle School Writing & Grammar

Lori Watterson graduated from Yale University in 1981 with a B.A. in English Language and Literature. She's a homeschooling mom who taught her son to read while he was a preschooler. Jude entered school in the 98th percentile of readers and is now a homeschooled 10th grader.


Lori has taught IEW English, Grammar, and Literature courses at HomeLink for five years. Lori has a passion for music and served as the Music Director at her church for many years. On Sunday mornings, you will find her seated behind the piano worshipping the Lord with her church family.


Mrs. Velika Williams, Master's Elementary Education and Curriculum & Design

K-1st & 2nd-3rd Complete Program 

Mrs. Velika Williams lives in Deland,
Florida with her husband and two wonderful sons.
When she's not teaching, she enjoys learning and
growing with her children who are homeschooled. Mrs. Williams has been teaching for over 10 years and has a Master's degree in early education and curriculum and design. She loves to make learning fun and exciting as well as empowering Homeschooling families.

How our online program works

Live Instructor-led classes meet one to two times a week on the same day and time each week. Year-long classes meet for 32-weeks and semester course meet for 16 weeks.  ​Students will be taught new material each week and will be given at-home assignments to complete on the other days. All assignments and grades will be posted in Google Classroom. Parents are required to purchase the textbook for the class. Most textbooks can be brought used at a low price on Amazon or FaceBook Used Curriculum group pages. They can also be purchased brand new at,, or other websites.