Tuition & Fees

The non-refundable annual registration fee is $100.00 per family. The registration fee waived due to COVID.


All 1 hour once per week classes are $450 for the year.

All 1.5 hours once per week classes are $630 for the year.

Semester classes are $300 for the semester (n/a to college credit courses). Note: the fee covers the entire school year. Example: K-2 Science class is $450 for the entire 32 weeks. 

College Credit courses are $475 per semester.


Individual tutoring is $50/hour and is billed 4 weeks in advance. Discounts will be given for ongoing tutoring services lasting longer than one month.



A 12% discount applied when you register by August 15th (code: blessings2020).

Example of 12% discount 1-hour class with discount is $396 instead of $450; 1.5-hour class is $554.50 instead of $630, great savings!


Our required textbooks will be listed on the syllabus that will be emailed from our Instructors upon your registration. All our textbooks can be purchased on Amazon,, Rainbow Resource, or Facebook Curriculum Group Pages. Contact us if you need help locating a textbook.


Payments and Payment Plans for Individual Classes


Upon enrollment, the registration fee and 25% deposit on the total balance must be paid in order to secure the student’s spot in the class. Payments are automatically taken your credit card each month via our payment software. Payment Plan options are automictically set up within our registration software and payments will be deducted from your credit card each month.


Refund Policy


Parents agree to pay the full year’s tuition for classes whether the student finishes the program or withdraws. The Registration Fee is non-refundable. Return of tuition deposit must be requested prior to July 31st. Deposits will not be refunded after August 15, 2020. Tuition Refunds are only given during the first two weeks of class and are less the 25% deposit that held the spot in the class. Parents must request a refund within the two-week window.


Please note that HomeLink has the right to withdraw students due to unresolved behavioral issues. In that case, there will be no refunds given. Please disclose any student behavioral issues or concerns to our director via email at If your student has special needs, please email us to set up an appointment to speak with the director over the phone. We are looking forward to another blessed year. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.